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Make Your Own Valentine Conversation Heart Soaps

DIY soap conversation heart soaps are a fun, easy and unique way to make your own Valentine's Day gifts!

DIY soap conversation heart soaps are a fun, easy and unique way to make your own Valentine's Day gifts! They are great for friends, teachers, mom and dad, coworkers, or for the special someone in your life.

Yield: 64 small heart-shaped bars of soap

Life of the Party Products Needed:

    Items From Around Your House:

    • Cutting board
    • Knife
    • Large microwave-safe measuring cups
    • Plastic spoon
    • Alcohol spray (optional)
    • Labels (optional)


      Follow these steps to create up to 4 different colors of conversation heart soaps.

      1. Cut soap soap base along scored lines to make cubes. Divide cubes into 4 equal piles.
      2. Put cubes from one pile (rougly 8 oz.) into measuring cup and melt according to directions on soap base label.
      3. Once melted, add fragrance of your choice. We recommend using 1 to 4 drops per ounce of soap. Mix well.
      4. Add color one drop at a time until you achieve the desired color. Since traditional conversation heart candies are pastel, add drops of color slowly to help control color saturation.
          • To create green hearts, use blue and yellow color.
          • To create pink hearts, use red color.
          • To create purple hearts, use red and blue color.
          • To create yellow hearts, use yellow color.
      5. Pour the prepared soap into the mold until it reaches the brim. Do not overfill.
      6. Spray any air bubbles with a spritz of alcohol.
      7. Allow soap to set until it is hardened and cool to the touch.
      8. Release the bars from the mold by applying constant, even pressure with thumbs to the backside of the mold. 
      9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 for each color.
      10. For gifting, place a few bars of varying colors into a clear jar. Create a customized label for the lid. 

      Have fun! We'd love to see your finished creations. Tag us on Instagram at

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