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Soapmaking FAQs

Great questions from our customers ... Water droplets Question: Why do my finished soap bars sometimes get water droplets on them when left out on my bathroom counter for ...

Great questions from our customers ...

Water droplets

Question: Why do my finished soap bars sometimes get water droplets on them when left out on my bathroom counter for a while?

Answer: Life of the Party glycerin soap is a highly moisturizing product. Under humid and damp conditions, it will attract the moisture in the air like a magnet! To avoid this, wrap your finished soaps in clear plastic wrap after un-molding until you are ready to use.

Surface bubbes

Question: Sometimes when pouring my soap, I notice tiny bubbles on the surface. When I am making layers sometimes I get these bubbles in between the layers. What can I do to prevent this?

Answer: After pouring the soap, when you first notice the bubbles, spray a bit of rubbing alcohol on them. The bubbles will almost immediately dissipate, the alcohol will evaporate, and the finished look will be beautiful.

Layered soaps

Question: I'm having trouble making layered soaps. I let the soap harden between layers, but when I un-mold the soap, the layers separate. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: When making layers, you cannot let the soap fully harden before pouring the next layer. Pour your first layer, let the soap set just until a thick "skin" forms on the soap, and then pour your next layer. Spraying alcohol between layers will also help them adhere to one another.


Question: Sometimes i have difficulty getting the soap to come out of the mold, what can I do?

Answer: When properly heated and prepared the soap fills the mold completely and creates a bit of a vacuum. You have to turn the mold over, and apply steady, even pressure until you see the air seal break. Once the air seal breaks, the soap will easily come out of the mold.

Cloudy soap

Question: I notice that after my soap hardened, it became cloudy and did not stay as clear as it was before I melted it. Can you tell me why that happened?

The soap was too hot. When melting your soap, you cannot boil it. You want to heat it just until the soap melts. Do not bring the soap to a boil or you will find that your soap will cool with an opaque look to it.

Food coloring

Question: Can I just use traditional food coloring to color my soap?

Answer: We don't suggest using food coloring in soap. Life of the Party colorants are tested to work with our soap and food coloring may actually stain your skin when using the finished soap! Also, if you use food coloring, there is a tendency for the color to fade over time. It is strongly recommended that you use our colorants for the best results!

Fresh flowers

Question: I made some soap the other day using rose petals that I had taken off my rose bushes. They were beautiful when I first made them, but after a few hours, the petals started to turn brown. Did I do something wrong?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot use fresh flowers in soap. Whenever you use flowers that have not been dried out, they will turn brown. Roses seems to react more so than any of the other flowers. We recommend staying away from fresh roses, and using only dried, crushed flowers.

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